The release of Olajumoke’s new book ‘The Magic Coconut’ will be out in July 2022!

Here’s what it would look like:

Aimed at children aged 6-14, this book will take you on an exciting adventure, full of lessons and fun!

A very witty, funny and informative novel for children, The Magic Coconut is a story of self-discovery and identity. The protagonist, Josiah, is a recipient of the magic coconut but it came at a price for the entire kingdom. Every young person must join the Ekesaland Teen Corps (ETC). This includes Josiah. They must prove their worth, resilience and reliability to the kingdom. The nutty festival is approaching. Every family is actively involved. Would you be joining them? Let’s see how they fared.

In the middle of Palms Island, a beautifully manicured lawn laced with colourful flowers, ginormous in size, oozed perfumed fragrance. There were no other trees in sight except Palm trees of various sizes and shapes. The fronds whispered to one another mysteriously. 

There were mouth watering palm trees. All brightly dressed in multi coloured stems and fronds. The oil palm trees, acai palm trees, peach palm trees, betel palm nut trees, the snake palm trees, jelly palm trees, the saw palmetto palm trees, coconut palm trees, berry palm trees and the starnut palm trees.

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