O. Alaga has authored a book titled ‘Through Grannie’s Eyes’. It is a personal anthology of poems, aimed at friends and families of people living with dementia. Its purpose is to enlighten the targeted audience from the geriatric point of view.

Olajumoke has taught literature specialising in poetry. In Nigeria, A genre she enjoyed engaging her students, and through an avid reader of stories, poems and plays, Olajumoke empowers young people through a non-profit organisation called Oshupa Moonlight, where stories and culture and talents eschewed,

She had stints working in media houses in Nigeria where she got involved with behind the scenes of raw to finished products.

Olajumoke’s mother is her inspiration and an embodiment of her creative persona.

She is a graduate of Mass Communication, has an MPA in Political Science and Administration. She currently works with the NHS at University Hospital Dorset, inspiring and emotively providing holistic care. 

The Magic coconut is her first prose fiction. Read more about it here!

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