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Inspirations for Our Friend, The Devil

When people ask me is Donald Trump’s Precedency is the inspiration forĀ Our Friend, The Devil, I say yes. It’s true. Trump was a masterclass example of how right-wing populism and a shining cult-of-personality can influence the working-class to support a billionaire expansionist for President. It’s false consciousness in action.

However, I’d be lying if I said the neoliberal, corporate establishment of the Democratic Party didn’t share this brunt. I hated the sycophantic rebranding of Obama and Biden as leftist heroes. How the media swept away Obama’s increase in drone spending or Biden’s Crime Bill hijinks. I hated how, in the 2020 election, I could count on one hand how many candidates supported single-payer healthcare. While I’ll always support a Democrat over a Republican, the socialist in me needed an outlet to vent. After a screamed a hole right through my pillow, that outlet became Our Friend, The Devil.

The success of Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders showed me that I wasn’t alone. Not at all. In fact, it’s my aim to create a book for those people. Its been a turbulent time, and I guess I just wanted to make sense of it in my own way.

Also, whilst I’d like to say that the title is a play on the lost 1922 filmĀ My Friend the Devil, I’m afraid I’m just not that clever.

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