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K. C. Pellerin
K. C. Pellerin (Kelsey C. Galpin)

K. C. Pellerin, real name Kelsey Galpin, was born in Dorset, England where he obtained his Bachelors in Scriptwriting for Film and Television from Bournemouth University. With an avid passion for stories, Pellerin endeavoured from a young age to craft poignant, witty, and intriguing tales that comment on our complicated world. His main genres are fantasy and political satire.

Having lived on the poverty line for most of his teenage years, Pellerin developed a vested interest in British and US politics with a focus on the Democratic and Republican Parties. Believing that life is best processed through laughter, this started his move towards becoming a humourist writer. Socialist themes and representations of class are found throughout most of Pellerin’s work.

His debut novel, Our Friend, The Devil, is set to be released on the 22nd of October 2024.


Socialist themes in my work stem from my experiences with poverty. The powerlessness and despair of it. A good story, for me, isn’t just a means of escape. It’s a trip. It’s going somewhere completely different and taking it all in before coming back, having learned something new. Having experienced poverty, I completely understand the need for a trip like that.

My biggest inspirations are the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. These writers were so skilled in their ability to transform the precariousness of our world into fascinating, hilarious stories using sci-fi and fantasy. Pratchett especially has influenced my desire to write fantasy as well as satire. My goal as a humourist writer is to accomplish something similar: use comedy as a means of making sense of things.

Another inspiration of mine is Dorset; my home. It’s a truly stunning place, but what interests me most is its duality. You can turn a corner in Bournemouth or Poole and suddenly be immediately aware of your class. Try comparing the quaint housing of Parkstone to the mansions of Sandbanks. This began my journey of class consciousness, something that will continuously influence my work.

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