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Our Friend, The Devil

Our Friend, The Devil cover
Working cover design for Our Friend, The Devil.


A humorous satire of politics, America, and the Devil himself…

Published by Pellerin Publications on 22nd of October 2024. £7.99 ($11.28), available as eBook.

On the eve of the 2024 presidential election, Jim can see the Devil… and he’s working for the other team.







Political Strategist, Jim Vasseur, is having a bad year.

It’s the 2024 presidential election and the Democratic and Republican Parties have both vomited out their candidates. After being made Campaign Manager for Democratic Senator Robert Burkinshaw’s presidential run, Jim discovers he’s dying. On top of that, his candidate is terrible.

After meeting Randal Dallmeyer, Campaign Manager for Republican, Mike McRowe, he notices something off about him. Namely, he’s the Devil. And no one else can see it. The world of US politics just got a little bit stranger.

Now given a second chance at life, Jim must use every trick in his political handbook to save America from the hands of the Beast. He must compete with the Devil to scheme, manipulate and cheat his candidate into the Oval Office. What chance does an incompetent politician have of becoming President? Every. He’s getting into Heaven by stopping America going to Hell.

YouTube Trailer

[Here is where the YouTube Trailer for the book will be posted once it’s produced and uploaded]

For more information on the author, K. C. Pellerin, see the about section.

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