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Troy (2004)

There aren’t many movies out there about Greek and Roman mythology. Still, we should  talk about them when we are discussing retelling. No matter how bad and inaccurate they are (or at least compared to the original myths), they are still part of the large discussion about reimagining mythology.


Troy (2004)
Troy (2004). Cinematic Poster

I am going to admit it, and if asked in another context I will deny it: I don’t hate Troy (2004). I know it’s inaccurate. It doesn’t follow the Iliad and most people would rather pull a Oedipus (carve their eyes out) before watching it again. Well, I am not among those people. I remember going to the cinema with the school to watch Troy when I was eleven and from that moment on, Achilles has always had Brad Pitt’s face.


Troy is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.


At that time, I knew already the first paragraph of the Iliad by heart, which I still remember. In Italy, Greek and Roman mythology is a great part of our education and culture so we were all familiar with the story when the movie came out. My teacher ranted about how bad it was and how Homer would haunt the producers and the actors alike. I am supposed to hate this movie, I grew up hearing people complaining about it but I still like it and the reason is pretty simple. Troy is a bad retelling but Brad Pitt is the perfect reimagining of Achilles. He is arrogant, handsome, cocky and narcissistic. However, he is also the perfect embodiment of honour, pride and divine favour. Rewatch the scene where Achilles and Hector fight. Look how much energy Pitt put in his words and movements.



Every single time I rewatch this scene, I fall in love with Achilles again (and with Brad Pitt too). Eric Bana is the perfect Hector as well (even if I am and always will be team Achilles). The few scenes between him, Andromache (Saffron Burrows) and their son, are heart-breaking and engaging. They are the perfect representation of Hector’s true nature, not of warrior but as a loving husband and father who would do anything to defend his family and his home.



What do you think? Is Troy one of your guilty pleasures too?

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