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About the author

Letizia Parise was born in Cosenza, a small town in the south of Italy. Her hometown was once part of Magna Graecia (Greeter Greece), a Greek colony. Furthermore, it is said that the Visigoth king, Alaric I, died in Cosenza and his body and treasures are still buried there. Letizia has always been fascinated by the history and culture of her country which are constant elements in her works.

Cosenza. Picture by Nellina Pace
Cosenza. Picture by Nellina Pace

It’s not surprising that, back in Italy, Letizia attended the “classical” high school, which focused on ancient Greek and Roman culture, especially literature, art, philosophy, history, and translation. However, the day she read Shakespeare for the first time, changed the course of her life.

From that moment on, one of her biggest dreams was to live in England, London in particular, where she moved to attend university at the age of eighteen. She has a degree in English Literature and is currently attending a Creative Writing MA at Bournemouth University.

Letizia Parise
Letizia Parise. Picture by Bailey Cooke

Hermione is the first instalment of The Bellatrix Trilogy, a book series about female characters in Greek and Roman mythology that have fascinated Letizia since she was young.