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I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas from my collection: I would describe the piece as a heart breaking, yet endearing collection of an elderly woman’s life. It is a collection celebrating the final year of an elderly lady’s life, with emotional stanzas and heartfelt lines, a time for reflection and goodbyes.

Let’s take a more in depth look at what you can expect from the book:

A beloved Grandmother, with many stories to share spanning over ninety years of a life well-lived. It’s her Granddaughter that picks up the pen to write the final chapter of her tale. Initially when her life is flipped upside down, Mel decides to document her Grandmother’s journey through a series of poems. As time went on, and things got progressively worse, the poems took a different turn. The poems follow an extraordinary lady through the last year of her life. There are the good days and the bad days, but mixed with light hearted humour, just as her Grandmother would have wanted. References made to dementia are open and honest, and make the collection a relatable one for many. Nothing is explicitly stated, it is down to the reader’s interpretation. The poems are ordered on the dates they were written to correspond with real time. But ‘those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.’

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